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What is a Pool Pump and why is it Important?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The pool pump is the heart of your pool system. The pump is responsible for circulating water through your system by drawing in water from the pool (through the drains, skimmers, or suction-side vacuum), pushing that water through your pool filter, heater, chlorinator, and then ultimately back into your pool clean and refreshed. The circulation of water created by the pump is also responsible for evenly dispersing chemicals throughout your water to ensure that your chemical treatments are actually effective in sanitizing the water.

Without a properly functioning pump, you would have stagnant, unsanitary, and algae-infested water in no time. That’s why it’s important to address any pool pump problems as soon as the arise. Our team of experienced repair technicians stand by ready to repair or replace a broken pump and to keep your system running in top shape.

We are dealers of all major brands, including Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, and more. We keep inventory of the most commonly used parts and equipment to make sure that we can assist our customers in case of emergency. Our deep relationships with these manufacturers allow us to offer competitive prices and backed by full parts and labor warranty.

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