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Water Testing Kit

Pool Cleaning

Pool Scrubs is here to keep your pool a sparkling backyard oasis! We offer one-time and recurring pool services as well as pool maintenance so that you never have to worry about your pool’s well-being. Small changes to your pool such as the weather, sun exposure, and even a little sunscreen can drastically throw off your pool’s chemistry levels. Checking your pool’s chemistry on a regular basis ensures a safe, healthy, and happy pool!



Our weekly and bi-weekly service visits include:

  • Netting leaves and debris from the pool surface

  • Cleaning the tile surface at the waterline

  • Emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket(s) and the pump strainer basket(s)

  • Backwashing the filter (D.E. type) as required

  • Checking the filter pressure

  • Checking the equipment for proper operation and visual leaks

  • Vacuuming the pool bottom (as determined by tech)

  • Performing water testing

  • Adding all required chemicals to balance the pool water

  • Documenting the services performed


At Pool Scrubs, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our "No Green Pool" Guarantee. To learn more about Pool Scrubs and our pool cleaning and maintenance services, call or text us at 619-567-4151.

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