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The Basics of Swimming Pool Ownership

So you just moved into your beautiful new home … and it has a pool. Great! Owning a swimming pool for the first time is exciting but it can be daunting until you understand the basics of water flow, equipment and chemistry.

This article is designed to provide you an overview of a pool’s operation.

  • LESSON 1 – FLOW: A swimming pool is basically a large basin of circulating water. Using a small pump, water is pulled from the pool from the skimmer to the head of the pump. The pump pushes this water through a filtration system to remove any dirt. After filtration, the water goes back into the pool, usually coming out through small jet ports on the side of the pool.

  • LESSON 2 – TIMING: A timer mechanism controls when the pool pump is turned on and turned off each day. Usually, a pool pump will run about 8 hours every day of the year.

  • LESSON 3 – POOL EQUIPMENT: Besides a pump, filter and timer, other types of common equipment include heaters, chlorine feeders or generators, automatic controls and automatic pool vacuums. We recommend, carry and install only the Hayward Aquanaut.

  • LESSON 4a – POOL CHEMISTRY: Pool water is usually kept clean and sanitary using chlorine – in combination with the pump’s circulation & filter. Chlorine is the best sanitizer and only a low level in the water (2-5 ppm) will kill most germs and algae. Chlorine comes in many forms but the most common is either liquid (stored in yellow jugs) and 3" tablets (shaped like hockey pucks).

  • LESSON 4b – POOL CHEMISTRY: The effectiveness of chlorine as a germ-killer is highly dependent upon the pH of the water (amount of acidity). The pH of pool water should be kept between 7.2 and 7.6, preferably at the higher level to maximize chlorine effectiveness and swimmer comfort. This is done by adding either acid or a pH increaser to the water.

  • LESSON 5 – CONSIDER HIRING A LICENSED PRO: There are many other aspects of maintaining a healthy swimming pool such as balancing alkalinity, using specialty chemicals, brushing of surfaces, cleaning the filter and maintaining the equipment. For this reason, it is prudent to hire a professional pool service company to provide weekly or bi-weekly cleanings and maintenance. Protect your investment! One of the best values is a professional and trustworthy swimming pool service.

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