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Simple Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Pool Chemicals:

It is extremely important to keep the proper chemistry in chemicals in your pool to keep it balanced, healthy, and safe to swim in. Keeping that proper chemical balance helps not only the life of the inside of the pool but the pool equipment. It is imperative that you check the chemical balance in your pool at least twice a week or more depending on how much the pool is being used. Always make sure that your floater has chlorine tablets in it at all times. A pool chemical testing kit can be purchased at any pool store.

Proper PH:

PH can be harmful if the level is to high or to low in your pool. If proper PH is not maintained could affect your water clarity as well as cause skin irritation. It is recommended that you check your PH balance at least twice a week or more depending on how much your pool is being used.

Algae Prevention:

Algae can be caused by many different things such as debris from trees or plants, bloomed flowers, dog hair, and even human skin. Algae can start out very minuscule but without proper maintenance and chemical balance it can grow rapidly and cause your pool to become cloudy. Before swimming, visually inspect your pool for yellow, mustard colored spots or even black spots on the plaster or pebble tec. If you see any algae starting to grow, use an algaecide to control the growth. If you leave algae untreated, it can become harmful to your filtration system.

Use Pool Scrubs Pool Service:

Pool Scrubs Pool Service will take the headache away from you in taking care of your pool! We will save you that precious time so you have more free time to enjoy your pool than cleaning and maintaining your pool. Pool Scrubs Pool Service is here for all your pool needs from cleaning and maintaining your pool to any repairs that might come up.

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