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Maintaining a heathy, happy swimming pool

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

If you want to enjoy your swimming pool for a long period of time, figure out how you can keep it clean and clear now. Pool owners in San Diego county trust their pools to the professionals at Pool Scrubs, a pool service company. With expertise and a reputation dating back to 1984, you can rely on us for a sparkling clean pool, year-round.

So, what exactly is involved in maintaining your pool beyond simply cleaning it? Well, there are a few things that owners need to know and check on a regular basis, including:

Skimmer Basket

On the side of your pool is the skimmer basket, which sieves debris and pollutants from the surface of the water. Keep this basket clear and unclogged.

Pump Basket

The lint pot serves as a second line of defense against debris in the pool. Plus, it is exceptional at removing hair that gets left behind by swimmers which can wreak havoc with your pool and pump.

Water Levels

It is important to check the water levels often. When the water is too high, debris can accumulate in the pool; when the water is too low, you risk burning up your pool pump.

Preventing Pollutants in the Pool

Probably the best advice regarding how to maintain a pool is to prevent it from getting dirt and debris in the water to begin with. Prevent the pollutants in your pool that can cause difficulties and create problems with these tips:

  • Make sure to run the pool pump for a minimum of 8 hours per day to keep the water circulating.

  • Aim for an ideal pH range of around 7.4.

  • Shock the pool weekly- or following foul and extreme weather conditions.

  • Check the jets in your pool and adjust them so they face downward for optimal water circulation.

The frequency of maintenance tasks and cleanings really depends on the size, type, and usage of your pool.

Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

So, with all your efforts, why is the water still cloudy? There are a few reasons why this may be. In fact, the best tip for how to clear a cloudy pool is to first understand why the water is cloudy. Consider the following reasons:

  • Too much chlorine or too much shocking of the water

  • High levels of alkalinity

  • pH level is off

  • High level of ammonia

  • Clogged filter

  • Algae

  • Bugs or debris in the pool

  • Swimmers and pets in the water

Remember that the environment is a living thing that can influence the pool at any given time. Wildlife, the sun, and foliage can all cause your water to become cloudy without notice. Some other culprits include bird droppings, pollen, and rain.

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

There are actually several phases involved in cleaning your swimming pool: shocking, filtering, treating, and clarifying. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Shocking is a process of increasing the chlorine to high levels that kill bacteria, algae, and contaminants fast. Always read the specific instructions of the chlorine product that you are using.

  • Filter the water. Vacuum any debris or foliage with a pool and water-safe device.

  • Treat the pool with the right chemicals to achieve optimal pH and alkalinity levels in the water. You can buy a testing kit from your pool supply retail source.

  • Clarify the water to gather pollutants together in a larger mass that is easier to remove from the water. Flocculant chemicals can serve as a way to ‘clot’ particles and get rid of debris.

Remember that the best way to prevent cloudiness is with regular maintenance, including cleaning and chemical treatments.

Bring in a Pool Pro

The simplest way around maintaining a pool is to bring in a pro. A professional pool service company is going to keep your pool clean, clear, and swim-ready all season long. Plus, it helps to have the eyes of an expert on your pool to detect and identify any potential issues that could derail swim season.

Keep a clean pool with the help of professionals at Pool Scrubs, a pool service company. Pool Scrubs is your full-service pool maintenance company for residential and commercial pool owners throughout the service regions. From chemical treatments to cleaning services and repairs to restoration, call on the team that knows how to maintain a pool.

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