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Algae Problems? You Have Phosphates!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

What Are Phosphates?

Phosphates are a salt of Phosphoric Acid. Phosphates is the main ingredient in fertilizer but also comes from rain water, leaves, bloomed flowers, dog hair and even our own skin. Phosphates became known around the pool industry and households in the 1970’s. People started to use phos-free

or low phosphate laundry detergents to help protect streams, lakes and other run off areas from the horrible effects of excessive use of phosphate . It is always important to keep a well balanced level in your Queen Creek pool otherwise your pool can turn green.

When Phosphates Accumulate In Pools, Algae Grows

Queen Creek swimming pools and lakes are really similar and can carry high levels of phosphates due to fertilizer blowing in the pool, and can even be caused by rain water. Phosphate is very persistent and does not break down very easily. Due to the many objects that carry phosphates can cause the levels in your pool to quickly rise. It is imperative to control the levels otherwise you are creating a food source for algae to grow. If you contain your phosphate levels, you deplete the algae’s food.

Algae Grows When Phosphate Is Present

Phosphate is a plant food and algae is a plant. Are you continually having issues with your pool having mustard or green colored debris, cloudy or green water, slimy surface, or consuming an excessive amount of chemicals? You probably have a phosphate problem in your pool. Now its time to find the ways to control the phosphates from occurring.

Lets Solve The Problem And Remove The Phosphate

0.1 ppm is the maximum level of phosphate that should be in pool water. If your levels get above 0.1 ppm, slime deposits can start to begin and water quality decreases.

Luckily, you no longer have to drain your pool to eliminate the accumulated phosphate. There are now phos-free chemicals that can be added to your pool that is safe for you and your pool.

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