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5 Big Mistakes About Pool Care

Most pool owners simply want to enjoy their pool especially when it comes to a hot day. The idea of cleaning a pool and regularly managing the chemical balance can seem like an arduous task. Most pool owners are simply interested in getting into their pool and relaxing with a cold drink without all of the labor involved. One of the biggest problems that can occur in pool ownership happens when it’s not properly taken care of. When a pool experiences problems with cleanliness or a major algae outbreak, the amount of cleaning that you’ll have to do to keep it up can take extra hours away from your enjoyment. Here are some of the five most common pool care mistakes so you can prevent extra labor and cleaning:

Expecting Your Pool To Be Like a Waterpark

Getting use and enjoyment out of your pool is important but if you regularly have people dropping by and using your pool or you’re ignoring your ongoing pool maintenance, it can run into problems fast. Having a pool in your backyard isn’t like going to a water park, it still requires ongoing work to maintain it. You get to play the role of guest and staff member.

Letting Pets In Your Pool

Letting your pets go for a swim can help to cool them down but if you make it a regular occurrence, it can put some extra strain on your skimmer and pump. Cleaning the basket and filter every day to make sure that debris doesn’t build up in your swimming pool can be important. It’s also wise to consider spraying down your pet before they get into the pool so they don’t track anything in.

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